Wk 14 – Art Experience – Sketching in the Garden

Perspective Sketches:                      Abstract Sketches:      

Abstract Photographs:


Perspective Photographs:

My experience:

I really enjoyed this activity! Actually, it was probably one of my favorite activities! My Thursday, up to this point, was extremely stressful and this was a great way to relieve some stress. Just sitting and sketching was really fun, even if I have zero drawing skills. Even though there were people around it was still was a very peaceful environment. The perspective sketches were harder to do than the abstract ones, in my opinion. I think that they were harder because I had to do a lot of more thinking but with the abstract ones I could just let my hand do whatever. The abstract ones also contained zero planning, which I enjoyed. The photography portion wasn’t as enjoyable as the drawing but it wasn’t bad. It wasn’t as enjoyable because I really had a hard time taking an abstract photo. The perspective photographs on the other hand were quite easy to take. Overall, I enjoyed this activity and it really helped brighten my day.


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