Wk 13 – Alternative Art Experience – Pre-Electric Cultures

For this week’s Art Experience, I did not participate in the Art Care Package and instead chose an alternative. I chose the Pre-Electric culture as an alternative because it seemed really interesting to me. Everyday of my life I use electricity in some way. The idea of completely cutting out the use of electricity is almost impossible now a days. So I decided to do this on a Thursday night in my bed room. The picture above is my bedroom and the place that I stayed in during the process. To prepare for my night without electricity, I grabbed many candles and prepared many activities to do. The first thing I did was read for a while. This was super strange because I couldn’t gauge how much time had passed. During one chapter, it felt as though a hour had gone by, but during the next chapter if felt like I spent only 15 minutes. After reading for a while, I decided I would try to draw. I did this for a very short time because I was annoyed with my poor drawings. My best friend then came over and joined me in a night without electricity. She was very uncomfortable with this idea because she is addicted to her phone. She constantly wanted to walk into the other room to grab it. We then played a card game for a while. She then left and I went to sleep. Living without electricity for the night was different. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either. Sometimes I enjoyed not having the electricity. An example of this would be when I was reading or playing a game with my friend. At these times I didn’t have the urge to look at my cell phone. I think many people my age have this automatic response to check their phone. It isn’t a bad thing but it can be when your phone stops you from enjoying whats around you. From this experience I learned that it is best to just disconnect from everything for a while and think about the times when people didn’t have the luxuriates they have now.



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