Wk 12 – Art Experience- Location Based Gaming 


Finding A Geocache:

My experience in finding a geocache was extremely negative. So after Thursday at the galleries, a couple students and I went searching for some on campus. The first one we spent over 45 minutes looking for, before we gave up. I sadly didn’t take pictures of us searching. We then decided to look for another one on campus and spent about 30 minutes searching for it. We still couldn’t find it. Disappointed I went home. The next day some friends and I were eating dinner at the Garden Walk and decided to look for a geocache nearby. The pictures above show us searching and the coordinates of the geocache. We spent about 20 minutes looking before we gave up. This was a very disappointing experience because I really wanted to find one.  I know for sure it was probably my lack of skills to find these geocaches, but it still was some fun to try with my friends.



My Geocache:

After my failure, one thing I knew I could do for sure would be to hide a geocache. I decided to hide it in the park by my house. I hid it in a tree so it might be a little hard for someone to get too. Inside my geocache is a few coins, two safety pins, a plastic ring, and paper for a log. I had much more fun hiding it then I did finding it. Hiding it caused me to think of the spaces around me in a cleaver way.


The concept of muggles can be expanded beyond geocaching. The idea that places my have a certain history without others knowing, expands this idea. Such as the time when my family and I stayed in a hotel in Arizona. We were visiting family and told them where we were staying. They said that there had been a murder in that hotel, recently. We were muggles in that situation because we didn’t know the history of the place we were staying.


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