Wk 10- Classmate Conversation – Rejina Hernandez 

 I met Rejina Hernandez this week. She is a sophomore at CSULB and is majoring in comparative world literature with a minor in creative writing. She explained to me that she likes writing and came across comparative world literature because of the classes she was interested in. They offer courses from mythology to poetry and also literature from many other cultures. The major also offers a variety of career options such as being a producer, photographer, editor, writer, mediator, professor, and tons more. She then said that she doesn’t yet know what she wants to do with the major but will wait and see where life takes her. She loves being around people who love humor, poetry, and biking. She also loves to listen to music. She likes a wide variety of music, from Jack Johnson to JLo to Engelbert Humperdinck. Rejina was born in Los Angeles and has 10 siblings. Something interesting about her is that she is a twin. It was really nice getting to know a little bit about Rejina’s life. 


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