Wk 10- Art Experience- Instagram 

My Photos:

For the project, posted pictures of a typical Thursday for me. The first picture is from Art 110 at the CSULB galleries. The next picture is of my friend Tareena Woods, who I see every Thursday in art class. The third picture is the view from my desk at work and lastly, there is a photo of my dog who is waiting for me after a long day.


The Class Photos:

The class photos are similar to my own activities but there are a lot of differences as well. Many posted photos of the campus art galleries and their friends. Many people also posted pictures of their dog which was similar to my post as well. Those were the basic similarities between our photos and even our lives. Many seemed to actually be doing exciting things for a Thursday afternoon, which made me rethink my activities on a Thursday’s. I saw people were at Disneyland or in San Diego, while I was stuck at work for 5 hours. It was really interesting to see this because it made me feel that everyone was having the time of their lives. Simple pictures of pho or people driving at night made it seem that they are living an interesting life. Maybe that’s the power of Instagram or everyone just really has awesome lives. I guess you can say that we are sort of a community because we all were doing completely different things but our only connection is this class. Although we may have had similar pictures, our experiences while taking those pictures where completely different.


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