Greetings peoples of Moonbase Alpha! My name is Oceana and I am a mermaid! I currently live among the coral, in the golden city of Atlantis. After Earth was destroyed and everyone was evacuated to the moonbase, millions from the ocean community were lucky enough to move to the Moonbase’s replica ocean. Alpha Ocean is a beautiful and vast body of water filled with interesting inhabitants. Most of our inhabitants live in Atlantis, the largest city in the Alpha Ocean. The city has skyscrapers that almost reach the water’s surface and a university for all of its young scholars. I am currently studying astronomy at Nemo University, which some may think is a little odd because I live underwater. I find stars so interesting and I just love to gaze at them from my favorite spot, the local jetty. I love to spend time with my fellow fish friends. My best fish friend is Avalon. She is as sweet as can be! Together we enjoy collecting unique objects lost by the humans above and we also enjoy exploring the Alpha Ocean. When we are really bored we will travel to the surface and hangout among the humans. Thanks to the technology on Moonbase Alpha we are able to travel with portable fish tanks! While on the surface we love to go to a club called Cloud 9. The bar tender there is Rosetta and she is amazing. She is always kind and helps us with whatever we may need. One thing you need to avoid at Cloud 9 is a local that goes by the name Creepsteevo Swankavitch. This man is an absolute dog! He would not leave my friends and I alone! A total creep! Please avoid!! Not everyone on Moonbase Alpha is as bad as Creepsteevo, such as Royal Moby. Royal Moby is super nice and is actually from a plant called Neptune. 









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