Wk 5- Artist Conversation- Tony Nguyen 


Lepus’ Vambrace

Artist: Tony Nguyen
Exhibition: FUSE: Join to Form a Single Entity
Media: Metals
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: None
Instagram: @ell_tirge

Tony Nguyen is an undergraduate student at Cal State Long Beach. It is his fifth year here at the university. While at CSULB, he is pursuing a degree in Fine Arts. Tony has a unique family background because he is the only one in his family born in the United States. He gathers inspiration for his art from everyday life experiences. He described that by simply meeting interesting or new people will inspire him to develop new pieces of art.

Tony’s art has a lot of metal work within it. In the two pictured above he uses brass and copper to create these intricate designs. His designs are very futuristic looking, especially the “Mailbox”. In both pieces of art he uses very smooth lines. The “Mailbox” looks very sleek because it is cylinder shaped. The “Lepus’ Vambrace” also has a very smooth look to it because of the use of fur.

His art is what he wants to create in that moment. He draws inspiration from the people he meet and the ideas he just thinks of. In his art piece the “Mailbox” he explains that it is an actual mailbox. He encourages people to place notes inside for him to read. He puts the time that he will collect the mailbox and read the notes. Tony also explained that he inscribed ET on the front because it is his alter ego “El Tigre”. Having this mailbox allows him to connect with people that admire his art and create those new experiences that inspire him.

The art that Tony Nguyen has on display each is very whimsical looking. They seem almost as if they are straight out of a cartoon or video game. The designs are simple but also very intricate. In the example of “Lepus’ Vambrace”, it is made from leather, brass, and rabbit fur. It looks as if it would be in World of Warcraft because of how it resembles an arm band a warrior would wear. This idea is truly interesting to see in an art show. It is something that isn’t usually seen in everyday life.  The “Mailbox” is much different, because it is made from copper, brass, and paper. It too still very whimsical because of its unique shape. It is also a really interesting way to interact with people who enter the exhibit. I think it is really cool that the artist developed this because it makes the art interactive for those visiting.


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