Wk 3- Art Experience-Snapchat Art

The two pictures I posted on snapchat were the one with a stick figure on a bench and the picture of Tareena Woods with blue around her. In the picture of the stick figure on the bench I tried to used whatever drawing skills I had to create a person. It didn’t really come out well but I tried. The picture of Tareena is supposed to highlight that when people use their phones the physical world around them becomes blocked out. My coloring skills are not very good but overall I think I got my point across. The other two pictures are from my classmates Shannon McGuinness and Tareena Woods.

Snapchat in way allows friends or classmates to communicate from far away through the use of pictures. These pictures could be called art and in away resemble the letters between Picasso and Matisse or Christie and Berger. Snapchat allows you, the artist, to communicate ideas to you friend, a fellow artist. Much like how “Christie mused to Berger: ‘What could our next project be?’ Berger replied: ‘Just send a color’ Soon after, a painted square of cadmium red crossed the English Channel”, this same idea holds true to snapchat. We send out a picture or drawing to someone who maybe far away from us and they are inspired by our art and respond back.


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