Wk 3-Classmate Conversation-Tareena Woods

snapchat 5

This week I had the chance to interview my classmate, Tareena Woods. This is her second semester at Cal State Long Beach and she is a film major. I asked her about what she likes to do for fun and she explained that she like to spend time with friends, eat, and sleep. I also asked why should decided to take this class, to which she responded that it was a prerequisite for her major. She believes that this class will open up idea of how there are many different types of art. Tareena is excited to learn about new artists and how their art impacts society. I decided to ask her if she enjoys art, in which she responded, that she found art to be really interesting but she often didn’t understand what it was trying to convey. She also said that not knowing the purpose of the art is also quite interesting because you are then allowed to create your own interpretation. We then started to talk about the galleries that we had just visited. The gallery that featured Josh Vasquez was “creepy” according to Tareena. She said that is was creepy due to the smashed flowers on the floor and the black and white art pieces. She explained that it really highlighted the idea of death in which he was trying to convey. Overall, she said that she found the gallery to be quite interesting.


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