Wk 6- Art Experience- CSULB Photo Walk

This week I participated in a photo walk around campus led by Dorothy. The walk was a lot of fun because I got to see parts of the campus that I have never seen before. The first place we visited on the walk was the fountain near the theater. Sadly, there was no water inside the fountain but it still was interesting to look at. Next we headed to Brotman Hall and took pictures of the fountain nearby. This was a great place to take pictures because you could see the pyramid in the distance. The last place we went to was the Japanese garden. This was really exciting for me because I have never been there before. It was really cool to see the garden and it was much larger than I expected. When we were on the walk I focused on taking pictures of  anything that stood out as interesting or beautiful.  Overall, the walk was a success. I think our guide did a great job of getting us from place to place. If I could change one thing it would be the weather. It was a little warm so it made it difficult to walk from place to place. 


Wk 5- Art Experience- Cuisine 

 For Cuisine, I decided to make lemon bars. I have never made them before so I thought I would be fun to try baking something new. My mother gave me a recipe for lemon bars and I used it to make the lemon bars. I tried the first time and it came out horribly. As you can see in the picture bellow, the lemon bars turned out burnt and green. It was so disappointing. The next time I tried a different lemon bar recipe and things turned out much better.

This is my finished product. I believed I achieved my goal. I tried my best to make it look very nice and I then let my family taste test it. Some surprises that occurred in this project were that the first recipe didn’t work. It was really fun getting to make something new. I usually make cookies or brownies, so this was definitely a new experience. From this experience I learned that creating appetizing cuisine is quite an art. You really have to enjoy cooking and know how to make your food look appetizing. If I were to do this again I would want to try making something harder.


Wk 5- Classmate Conversation- Leslie Echiveste

 This week I had the pleasure of meeting Leslie Echiveste. Lesile is a second year student at CSULB and is studying criminal justice. She explained that she is taking this class because it is required for her major. She is also taking this class because she really enjoys art. Leslie explained that she loves art because of the class she took in high school. In the class she would use oil paints to paint the assignment given to her. Before finding her love for painting, she also participates in dance. Leslie loves to spend her time with friends. In her spare time she also listens to music and cooks. Although she loves cooking, she hates cleaning up after. It was truly nice to meet her and learn about her life.

Wk 5- Artist Conversation- Tony Nguyen 


Lepus’ Vambrace

Artist: Tony Nguyen
Exhibition: FUSE: Join to Form a Single Entity
Media: Metals
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: None
Instagram: @ell_tirge

Tony Nguyen is an undergraduate student at Cal State Long Beach. It is his fifth year here at the university. While at CSULB, he is pursuing a degree in Fine Arts. Tony has a unique family background because he is the only one in his family born in the United States. He gathers inspiration for his art from everyday life experiences. He described that by simply meeting interesting or new people will inspire him to develop new pieces of art.

Tony’s art has a lot of metal work within it. In the two pictured above he uses brass and copper to create these intricate designs. His designs are very futuristic looking, especially the “Mailbox”. In both pieces of art he uses very smooth lines. The “Mailbox” looks very sleek because it is cylinder shaped. The “Lepus’ Vambrace” also has a very smooth look to it because of the use of fur.

His art is what he wants to create in that moment. He draws inspiration from the people he meet and the ideas he just thinks of. In his art piece the “Mailbox” he explains that it is an actual mailbox. He encourages people to place notes inside for him to read. He puts the time that he will collect the mailbox and read the notes. Tony also explained that he inscribed ET on the front because it is his alter ego “El Tigre”. Having this mailbox allows him to connect with people that admire his art and create those new experiences that inspire him.

The art that Tony Nguyen has on display each is very whimsical looking. They seem almost as if they are straight out of a cartoon or video game. The designs are simple but also very intricate. In the example of “Lepus’ Vambrace”, it is made from leather, brass, and rabbit fur. It looks as if it would be in World of Warcraft because of how it resembles an arm band a warrior would wear. This idea is truly interesting to see in an art show. It is something that isn’t usually seen in everyday life.  The “Mailbox” is much different, because it is made from copper, brass, and paper. It too still very whimsical because of its unique shape. It is also a really interesting way to interact with people who enter the exhibit. I think it is really cool that the artist developed this because it makes the art interactive for those visiting.

Wk 4 Art Experience- Graffiti Writing

So for my graffiti writing experience I decided to plan what I wanted to do on a display board. I really like the psychedelic style of writing so I drew my letters according to it. To save money I used the spray paint I had at home which was silver and black. So I tried my best to follow the pattern I drew but it didn’t work out at all! Since it didn’t work out I tried to just draw bubble writing but then I realized the display board was beginning to warp. I then stood the board up and the paint began to run down the board. After all of that, I actually liked what I came up with even if it was the opposite of what I was going for in the beginning. In the end I created a really creepy looking piece of graffiti writing.

Wk 4- Classmate Conversation- Adilene Leon

  Adilene Leon

This week I met Adilene Leon. She is still has not declared her major here at CSULB and lives in Huntington Beach. She has been working since she was 13, but when she is not working she enjoys kayaking, sailing, canoeing, swimming, and dancing to Mexican music. Adilene loves to go to the beach to watch the sunset and loves to eat. In her spare time she also watches scary movies, which she secretly hates. She also loves to cook, but hates having to clean up afterwards. She is one of the few people who likes driving and while she drives she listens to JCole. She would really like to travel the world in the future because she has only been to Mexico and California.  

Wk 4- Artist Conversation- Samuel Jernigan

Artist: Samuel Jernigan
Media: Ceramics
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: cargocollective.com/samueljernigan
Instagram: samueljenri

Samuel Jernigan a graduate of Cal State Long Beach arts program with an emphasis on ceramics.  He is from Central California and grew up in an agricultural community. While visiting a flee market, he drew inspiration from old abandoned toys. In his exhibit he uses this inspiration to develop pieces of art that resemble these old toys.

Jernigan’s art is mostly ceramic sculptures, each with its own characteristics. Most of his pieces are very smooth looking. In the pictures I posted these pieces lack color and are again very smooth looking.

Each piece of art resembles a old toy. His recreation of these toys is meant to emphasize not only nostalgia but also alienation. Jernigan takes these toys that used to be the center of children’s lives and shows that they do not belong any longer in our ever changing society. These now useless toys emphasize consumerism as cause of alienation.

It was really interesting to see these sculptures of very familiar pieces. At first I really didn’t understand what the artist’s purpose was but it was still really amazing. I heard that he spent months on each sculpture which is truly amazing. I personally do not have the patience to achieve something this incredible, so I was truly in awe.

Wk 3-Artist Conversation- Josh Vasquez


Artist: Josh Vasquez
Exhibition: Vida/Morte
Media: Painting, Scuptures
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: unknown
Instagram: @joshybehr

Josh Vasquez is an undergraduate student in the painting and drawing program at Cal State Long Beach. He is from Los Angeles and is inspired by everything that is around him in his community. He is passionate about his art and art in general. In this showing he focused on the concepts of life and death, which are very interesting to him.

Josh’s works consists of drawing on plastic trash bags. He uses ink markers to create these haunting images on the transparent canvases. He also uses red rosin paper and paper on wooden panels. The pieces on the floor also use dying flowers upon the paper. By using these materials he creates art that is smooth but also very jagged. The ink drawings on the trash bags are very smooth. Although they show harsh pictures of skulls they are very shaded and contain curves. The actual canvases the drawings are on are very jagged, though. They contrast with the smooth drawings.

The artist really focuses on concepts of life and death. He calls his showing Vida/Morte, vida meaning life and morte meaning death. He states that “these two opposite and simple ideas are what make these drawings possible”. He also explains how he uses flowers and skulls to juxtapose these two heavy concepts. Both symbols represent life and death, as well as femininity and masculinity. Themes such as black and white, and hard and soft can also be found within his art. His materials also have a theme of having a life span. The ink markers will outlive the plastic that they are on and the flowers will not last as long at the paper they sit on. “These separate pieces, although similar, will each have their own lives within time and I also wanted to capture that aspect of life”, Josh Vasquez states. He draws inspiration from famous artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Paul Cezanne, and Georgia O’Keefe. Each of these artists used flowers and skulls to create incredible pieces of art. Josh has to decided to take his mentors art and make them abstract.

I found this showing to be quite beautiful, although it was about a subject that isn’t considered beautiful. I also loved how it was so simple. Most of the pictures were black and white but yet they possessed so much emotion. The way he used the flowers, which are usually beautiful and made them ugly was quite interesting. It was truly a representation to me of life and death. It was also really interesting to know that the canvases were just ordinary trash bags. So often I think of art as being so expensive and that you have to use certain materials to create actual art. It was refreshing to see that art could come from the objects that you use in your everyday life.

Wk 3- Art Experience-Snapchat Art

The two pictures I posted on snapchat were the one with a stick figure on a bench and the picture of Tareena Woods with blue around her. In the picture of the stick figure on the bench I tried to used whatever drawing skills I had to create a person. It didn’t really come out well but I tried. The picture of Tareena is supposed to highlight that when people use their phones the physical world around them becomes blocked out. My coloring skills are not very good but overall I think I got my point across. The other two pictures are from my classmates Shannon McGuinness and Tareena Woods.

Snapchat in way allows friends or classmates to communicate from far away through the use of pictures. These pictures could be called art and in away resemble the letters between Picasso and Matisse or Christie and Berger. Snapchat allows you, the artist, to communicate ideas to you friend, a fellow artist. Much like how “Christie mused to Berger: ‘What could our next project be?’ Berger replied: ‘Just send a color’ Soon after, a painted square of cadmium red crossed the English Channel”, this same idea holds true to snapchat. We send out a picture or drawing to someone who maybe far away from us and they are inspired by our art and respond back.

Wk 3-Classmate Conversation-Tareena Woods

snapchat 5

This week I had the chance to interview my classmate, Tareena Woods. This is her second semester at Cal State Long Beach and she is a film major. I asked her about what she likes to do for fun and she explained that she like to spend time with friends, eat, and sleep. I also asked why should decided to take this class, to which she responded that it was a prerequisite for her major. She believes that this class will open up idea of how there are many different types of art. Tareena is excited to learn about new artists and how their art impacts society. I decided to ask her if she enjoys art, in which she responded, that she found art to be really interesting but she often didn’t understand what it was trying to convey. She also said that not knowing the purpose of the art is also quite interesting because you are then allowed to create your own interpretation. We then started to talk about the galleries that we had just visited. The gallery that featured Josh Vasquez was “creepy” according to Tareena. She said that is was creepy due to the smashed flowers on the floor and the black and white art pieces. She explained that it really highlighted the idea of death in which he was trying to convey. Overall, she said that she found the gallery to be quite interesting.