Wk 2-Art Experience-Plaster Casting

I did not go to the beach for the plaster casting and instead did it at home. Luckily, we were remodeling our house so I had a lot of sand to use. So making the mold was quite easy but making the plaster was a whole other story. I found it quite difficult to figure out if the plaster was ready or not, so I had to just wing it. After the whole process, I looked at the plaster cast of my hand and it looked extremely weird. This experience was completely new to me and it was actually quite fun. I believe that this was truly a unique way of creating art and I would love to share it with friends and family in the future.


Wk1-Art Experience-Landscapse with a Corpse

My inspiration behind these photos was to show that the corpse had become apart of nature. I wanted to make it look like the vines had intertwined with the corpse. In order to get this idea, it took some time to brainstorm. For a few minutes I walked around my house looking for a place of inspiration. I finally saw these vines surrounding a wall and thought of this idea. My experience in creating this scene was quite enjoyable. I found it challenging to come up with an idea because it was an unusual task. When I did finally come up with an idea, it was quite fun to create the scene I wanted.